New Roofing Inspections

Importance of New Roof Inspections

Most people tend to automatically assume that a new roof is in great condition and properly installed, but that is not always the case. If you have had a roof installed recently, it is important that you schedule for a roof inspection so as to catch issues before they become problematic.

There are good and bad roofers and there are people who claim to be roofers, but have no business or knowledge in roofing. So, before you give your contractor your hard earned cash, it is imperative to ensure that they did a good job.

To ensure that the roofing contractor did a proper job, you need to look for a home inspector that’s willing to do a inspection only on the roof of the house or building in question. Most home inspectors prefer to do entire house inspections, but if you do your homework, you will find one that’s willing to do a partial inspection.

After choosing the inspector, let the roofing contractor know that you will have an inspection done after completing the project. Ensure you tell them this upfront as it makes the roofer to be more careful when installing the new roof. Eventually, they will do a better job. Also, by letting the contractor know that you will be having an inspector check the work they will do may also scare off the incompetent roofers who are out there to scam clients.
Most home or building owners barely climb the roof to inspect the work of the roofers and they ideally know that. They also know that most homeowners do not know how to inspect a roof. However, when they are aware that a professional inspector will be checking the work, they become more thorough in the manner they install a new roof. Tiny details such as sealants on the nail heads don’t get skipped.

Also, when you get a professional inspector to check the roof, they are likely to use a camera as part of the procedure. This will give visual evidence that you can present to the contractor if there are any issues. Some companies rely on employees and subcontractors on roofing projects and not every staff member can be a good one. The company might actually appreciate the information and avoid issues in the future on other projects.

So, when looking to get a new roof installed, remember to call in a home inspector to go through the work and help guarantee that you get a proper roof.